Since Jan. of 1994, Sun Light has been assigned to be an authorized distributor of Sanken Semiconductors in Hong Kong and China. In these eight years, our sales volume of Sanken products keeps growing, except in 1999, in a remarkable rate.

As a responsible distributor, Sun Light invests much of manpower, time and money on placing advertisements in magazines, printing brochures for products, and participating exhibitions in China and Hong Kong as well. For the market analyses and investigations, we apply the contemporary business concepts on producing market surveys, providing order forecasts, and studying market trends. There is no doubts for both Sanken's popularity and market share have been increased a lot under our efforts.

Sun Light owns huge of capital and development potential. Our account receivable is over USD 350,000 and only for Sanken buffer is already over USD 3,500,000. Moreover, we have gained a very high reputation for our excellent sales network and service quality. Currently, Sun Light has totally 6 branches with 25 sales persons exclusively for China market. Currently, Sun Light has become the TOP distributor, according to the endusers' opinions, for selling Sanken products in the Mainland China.